Monday, March 19, 2007

Pictures From Airplanes

I fly a LOT for my work (self employed sales rep) and pretty much
always have a camera on me. I always take the window seat cuz even
after a zillion flights I still like to look out the window. And quite
often, I take photos. None of these were shot with a 'good' camera,
so the quality is a bit low.
Plus, all were shot through a window - of course.
All are relatively low resolution with a
pocket camera - any one of 3 or 4 that I own.
Captions follow each - click on photo for larger view

Sunset - LA to Seattle

Puffy clouds over Kentucky

Sawtooth range - Rockies in January

Somewhere over rural Illinois

The Rockies

Crater Lake, Oregon - Summer

Waikiki and Diamond Head - heading out

Urban USA - Chicagoland style

Mt. Rainier - passing through 14,000 feet
heading South

Somewhere over the Eastern edge of the rockies,
on the way to Dallas

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