Monday, March 19, 2007

Kurt Cobain - the actual 'Underneath the Bridge' - the Graffiti

My son Jeremy is a big Nirvana / Kurt Cobain
fan. (ok - I am too). Last December we went on an
all-day Kurt Cobain trek (actually finishing off at
Jimi Hendrix' grave in Renton, Washington).
Since we live near Seattle, it isn't hard to do.

This series is from the famous (to Nirvana fans, anyway)
Young Street Bridge in Aberdeen Washington.
This is the place that legend, lore and biographies say
Cobain slept whenever he was kicked out of his
home (2 blocks away) for drugs. And of course is the
site referred to in the song from the Nevermind album,
"Something in the Way"

First shots are of the bridge, the rest are of the
rather interesting (and abundant) series of graffiti from the
rafters beneath.

Looking South on the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah River

Looking East - Young Street Bridge, Aberdeen Washington

The view North from Underneath the Bridge - Wishkah River

One of many inscriptions from other countries - note the Japanese - very interesting read.
Yes, I too believe that Courtney had him killed


adityanandan said...

Thank you ... thank you for these

chad said...

thanks 4 the pics. NIRVAVA RULES